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Hello and welcome to Eco Automatics. As the name suggests, with Eco Automatics, you will learn to drive an automatic car, but not any old car. With concerns about our planet, Eco Automatics has embraced the latest technology to reduce emissions and pollution to the environment. Automatics are the future, virtually all models of car can now be bought in automatic version and with the onset of the electric car revolution all future cars will be automatics. So why not book in and learn to drive the future today.

The Automotive industry is constantly evolving and with the added pressures of being environmentally friendly the increase in electric vehicles has been significant. The industry is developing new electric cars all the time as the technology matures so does the market.

The government want to phase out all petrol and diesel cars by 2040 in favour of hybrid and pure electric vehicles. Volvo has announced that by 2020 it will no longer sell pure petrol of diesel cars, instead their range will be either hybrid or full electric.

Hybrids and BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) are driven by an electric motor that does not need gears are classed as automatics. In the not too distant future automatics will outnumber manual cars.

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