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A funeral service was held for Sarah on Thursday 14th March 2013 at the Sacred Heart Church, South street, Exeter. The Service started at 10am. The church was full highlighting how many lives Sarah had touched in such a short space of time.

Afterwards there was a reception at the White Ensign club also on South street.

Sarah had a private committal immediately after the service.

Many people who knew Sarah attended the service. People stretching right back to the beginning of her short life. Some who did not know her but were there to support her family, Mike, Helen and Alice.

Mike, Helen and Alice wish to sincerely thank all those that attended it brought them great comfort to know so many people care in what, at times, seems an uncaring world these days.

Sarah Amor - An appreciation.

We all make judgements in our lives; when crossing the road; when meeting people for the first time; or when confronted with new situations.  How many times have you met someone, a friend of friend for example and initially not been keen on them, but after an hour or so of chatting you warm to them and your opinion changes.  I guess what I'm saying is we cannot stop judging, it is our nature, but do not be harsh in your judgements, things are rarely as they appear at first glance.

Close your eyes and imagine the last time you cut yourself; burnt yourself on an oven or stubbed your toe. Imagine watching someone falling on a hard pavement. Some of you reading would grimace at those thoughts, you felt the pain yet physically you are fine. Physiological pain can't be seen but that doesn't mean it's not real or cannot be felt by the sufferer like physical pain.

Helen and I were married 26 years ago today (14th March 2013). We were together for 6 years prior and when we married we set about making a home. We wanted children, but more importantly we wanted children in a safe, secure, loving and financially stable environment. After 6 years we were ready. 

On the 25th April 1993 at 01:52 Sarah Louise was born.  I remember thinking this is it we are now a family. Oh how good that felt

At the time of Sarah's birth I was in the Army and about to deploy to Northern Ireland, I was on the flight for the 26 April but the Army (my boss) full of sympathy, said get yourself on the next flight on the 27.  Cheers then I thought. When I saw Capt Kim Baker who was organising the movements, I explained that I had to change flights to the next day. He looked at the manifest and said it's full.  I could see space at the bottom and naively pointed it out.  No No they're taken he said with a wink, can't get you on till the last flight. When's that I asked, next week he replied, see you then he said and with that I was off to spend a precious week with my new baby Sarah and wife Helen.  

This was the first act of kindness shown to my new family.

We were blessed with Sarah, as a baby Sarah rarely cried, which lead us into a false sense of security. When we went to complete our family with Alice we thought it would be a doddle, you guessed it, we had a shock and parenting really began then.

Sarah developed fast, skipping the crawling stage and opting to walk straight away. She started school in Exeter at the Cathedral Nursery and was soon reading, something that she enjoyed immensely.  After nursery she went to St Nicolas Primary school and then later St Peters secondary and finally Clyst Vale for her A levels.  She was delighted to get a place at university as a student nurse and in year 1 she achieved a First in her results.

Sarah was a happy, bright and intelligent girl always eager to please her parents and teachers alike. She always put great deal of care, effort and attention into whatever she did.  She was a gentle and caring person and the Nursing profession has lost what would have been an outstanding young nurse.

The incidents

Below I recount a few incidents we had in Sarah's life

The Pink Windolene Incident aged 3 1/2 years.

Usually we would wake up with Sarah or Alice in our bed or one of them climbing on us. Sarah would often wake me by lifting my eyelids and saying "daddy are you in there". This one morning I woke to silence, not evening the noise of children playing in their room.  I went down stairs to make a coffee and found Sarah with the Pink Windolene and some clothes lovingly cleaning our sofa.  Alice her accomplice next to her covered in Pink Windolene.  When she saw me she exclaimed "look daddy we have cleaned the sofa for you." Always trying to help, that was Sarah. How could I be angry with her she loved Pink.

The Playhouse aged 5 years.

When Sarah was 5 and had started reading and writing she used to love to write because of this her handwriting  developed fast.  One day Helen was in their playhouse tidying up when she noticed that Sarah had written her name on the inside of the playhouse.  "Oh has been writing on the playhouse" she asked Sarah. "Not me mummy" replied Sarah. "Well whoever it was they have beautiful handwriting" she said.  With that, not wanting pass up the praise, Sarah shouted "it was me!. She always dearly loved to please and be praised.

The House Party aged 16 years.

Sarah was a very intelligent girl and would always plan things down to the last detail. When she was 16 Helen and I were going away for a weekend, not far just to Torquay.  We gave the parental talk, no mischief, be good and definitely no parties. We weren't going to be far away and we could check by phone and if need be, be back home in 30 minutes.  All seemed ok when we returned on the Sunday afternoon, no trashed house what a relief.  Some time past it may have even been a few months when one day I picked up Sarah's camera and flicked through the images as you do.  I was puzzled that there were pictures from around our house but mainly the living room, with close ups of ornaments and pictures etc. Then it dawned on me, she had had a party, Sarah moved everything so nothing would get damaged. at the clear up stage she used the pictures to put everything back where it belonged. Nothing out of place parents none the wiser and it worked. When I challenged her she smiled and gave a cheeky grin "nothing got broke dad" she said "well except for one glass"

We will miss our cheeky monkey

Sarah was dearly loved by Helen, Alice and me, and she will be sorely missed.  This has not left a hole in our lives but a huge chasm.  We are thankful however that we were able to enjoy the best part of 20 years with Sarah. In her short life she packed in an incredible amount and we are left with the most magical memories any family could ever wish to have.

Mike Amor

Not even our love could save Sarah, for if it could have, she would surely have lived forever.

Helen Amor.

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