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Helen and I married on 14 March 1987.  We waited six years for Sarah, not through any medical problems but because we wanted to be sure we were ready as a couple and financially.

When Sarah was born we were ecstatic and everything in our lives seemed complete. We were now our own family. Later Sarah would have a sister Alice.  Then we knew our family was complete.

We loved Sarah and made sure she had the best we could afford. Helen's favourite saying 'it's only money' and so true that is for money is nothing love is everything.

Sarah was the most delightful child as a baby she rarely cried and when growing up all she wanted to do was please others. Intelligent and always deep in thought she started reading at a very young age and was one of the youngest to reach 100 books at the local library's book track club.

Sarah had a wonderful life, as a family we were able to travel. Sarah clocked up some millage visiting Portugal, Spain, Florida x 4, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Maldives, The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Brussels, Moscow, China Washington DC and New York.  What a blast we had.

Thank you for your kind messages of support, they are greatly appreciated by myself, Helen and Alice.

Mike Amor 

  Sarah Amor at Croke Park

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